Sweet Mae0

Sweet Mae

Mini Box1 Person$25plus tax.

Small2-3 People$49plus tax.

Medium4-6 People$79plus tax.

Large7-10 People$119plus tax.

XL15-25 People$199plus tax.

The perfect combination of sweets, chocolate and fruit. Selection varies depending on what’s fresh and available.

Tell us what you fancy and we’ll do our best to create the perfect box for you!

** Option to have with or without fruit,. Must be consumed within 24 hours with fruit.

** No gluten or dairy free options available at this time.

Products are not made in an allergy-free environment.

All Ingredients are subject to change depending on freshness and availability at time of order.

We’re happy to accommodate vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan, Please contact for pricing!