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Snack1 Person$20Minimum order of 4 — plus tax.

Mini Box1 Person$30Minimum order of 2 — plus tax.

Small2 People$60plus tax.

Medium3-6 People$98plus tax.

Large7-10 People$149plus tax.

XL15-25 People$259plus tax.

For a small or medium, please choose one of the following:

  • Herb and garlic Boursin
  • Brie & honeycomb

Other artisan cheeses and charcuterie included;

  • Old cheddar
  • Jalapeno montery jack,
  • Manchego (med-xl only)
  • Cervelat salami
  • Spicy genoa salami (If ordering a sm or med, please indicate if you'd prefer mild. Only the lg and xl include both)
  • Soppressata salami (med-xl only)

Other accompaniments: pickles, olives, cucumbers, fruit, almonds, chocolate, dried fruit, whipped feta with honey and almonds and jelly.

Crackers packaged separately for the SM-XL. Bread is included for the LG and XL.

Products are not made in an allergy-free environment.

All Ingredients are subject to change depending on freshness and availability at time of order.

We’re happy to accommodate vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan, Please contact for pricing!