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The Christmas Box

Snack gift box1 Person$23Minimum order of 4 — plus tax.

Mini1 Person$36Minimum order of 2 — plus tax.

Small2-3 People$69plus tax.

Medium4-6 People$122plus tax.

Large8-12 People$179plus tax.

XL on wooden board15-20 People$310plus tax.

Please note: this is the ingredient list for the XL. All other sizes will come with fewer ingredients.

Brie with a jelly Christmas tree cut out, cranberry black pepper boursin, manchego, creamy havarti, aged white cheddar, cranberry cinnamon goat cheese, hot and mild genoa salami, soppressata salami, wine chorizo, fruits, nuts, an assortment of chocolates and sweets, dried fruit, honey with a wooden honey dipper, red pepper jelly, whipped feta with honey and almonds and crackers (packaged seperately).

LG and XL includes a bread and cracker box.

Products are not made in an allergy-free environment.

All Ingredients are subject to change depending on freshness and availability at time of order.

We’re happy to accommodate vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan, Please contact for pricing!